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Electron Club, CCA, Glasgow

Dear Green Map

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Wednesday, 31 January 2007- 7:18 am
I am Kevin Mc Donagh, one of the developers involved making a web based 'green map' for Glasgow's fine community. I will be commenting on the Web based Green map's development process and inviting everyone else involved to do the same.

This project has started from the base of the Electron club at the CCA in Glasgow. The Electron club is a rocking community effort to bring those who are interested in Art, Technology or both together! When they get together Kaboom! Blamo! Stuff happens. One of the things is a Green Map, started by Hannah Clinch on behalf of Radius Glasgow. This is a project to develop a valuable community resource of all the available Eco-friendly facilities in Glasgow. Our main objective is to get all of the second hand shops in Glasgow listed so that we can encourage both people to buy from them and donate to them more often. The Green Map will be developed with the help of professionals but will also encourage the participation of everyone by holding workshops that will run along side the development.

So far this is our current status.

  • A super enthusiastic Director: Hannah Clinch

  • A cosmopolitan young Marketer: Eve McGregor

  • Two dashing Geek-Chique developers: Chris Orr and Kevin McDonagh.

  • The support of a Green Map veteran: Seb of the Cork Green Map
  • A Weekly meeting and a swish rendezvous point: Thursdays 6:30, CCA Glasgow

  • The code from the original Cork Green Map.
  • A Rocking project planner that is both fun while still making everyone mega efficient (basecamp).

  • A choice of Source code repositories: Google Code and SourceForge

  • Two (Three) Calendars: Google, Basecamp (and the Electron club Schedule)

  • A project development schedule planned with initial release in August

  • And now... A blog!

All this and we have yet to have our first official development meeting (Thurs Feb 2nd). Woo!

The hardest part of any project whether it is tidying your room, building a bridge or developing a software product, is getting set up. I've been involved with more than a few projects and very few of them have got past this initial stage. The best thing you can possibly do if you really want to do something, is just start running. Put all of your might into making something big happen, fast and the see what starts rolling. Planning and Design is of course essential to doing anything right but if everyone is bored to tears, highly organised and yet to move a muscle you can be sure that you'll be hard pushed for any motivation.

But that’s not us... no, no. We're Agile -> Swoooosh.

Speak soon, Kevin. x
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