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crazy colours

Posted by Franki Wednesday, 4 April 2007- 11:06 pm
Oh deary me. The colours came out all funny, as they did with the images 'shopping 2-5' and I've not a bloody idea why. Don't worry Kevin, that's not how it's supposed to be, the colours haven't strayed that much.
I was trying to upload an example of how it should be, but it's not working very well. I will try again to upload them on the project planner. If anyone knows what's going on, please let me know! It's like when you're trying to print something but the printer has run out of one colour.
I promise they look better than the garish colours that have come out so far.


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Hi Folks, Franki and I met yesterday to devevelop the illustrations for the Green Map on a little further.


I did very little apart from watch Franki and drink tea, whilst Franki slaved away at the computer, cutting out people, washing machines and bits of kettle.

The main illustration is designed to capture the types of goods you can buy and donate to community reuse enterprises and charity shops. The feel of the original illustrations have been retained, but the colours brightened up and the items/objects featured modernised to reflect the nature of the goods needed.

There are also a number of illustrations being developed to run alongside the text e.g the Community Can Cycle man on bike and the Give you buy and you give again bag. There will be more of these images woven into the map and we did discuss the possibility of placing key places on the map for navigation purposes that could also be illustrated.
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