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Glasgow Green Map meeting #09

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Friday, 30 March 2007- 1:03 am

Wow, thats nine meetings now. This week we spoke about the final slap dash to get the paper based map ready to go. Now that we have all the data fitting it on to the map is actually proving to be difficult! Franki also unveiled some of her working ideas for the identity of the map which sadly weren't all working at the meeting but fear not! I've plonked them about here for everyone to glaze over.

Like the last meeting, ideas of how the site would look was a focus. Timeless, contemporary or current fashion? Either way we'll of course be sure to design it elegantly. I tend to lean towards current fashion. There are definitely some very different mixed ideas about how the map will look and it will be great to have everyones ideas developing slowly out loud in opinions and on paper. Franki has been slowly working with Scratch design to emphasise the idea of finding both small hidden treasures and valuable items in charity shops. I think its starting to come across really well and shows a clearer purpose for the green map.

Honestly these are great Franki, its a shame we couldn't have chatted more about these images.

People keep coming up with very idilic communityesque ideas where in an environment with changing weather people are doing things in the background like riding bikes and carrying tables. Sounds nice to me. I'll post up some of my mocks soon as well and maybe we can put up others thumbnails if we get them scanned in.

Everyone has 2 tasks this week:
Little thumbnails of what a Glasgow Green Map web site could look like.
Lists of links that could be in the navigation of the glasgow green map site.
Good luck everyone!
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Green Map Green House

Posted by hclinch Monday, 26 March 2007- 4:28 pm
Green Map Systems are just in the proces of testing their new Green House, designed to increase collaboration between Green Map projects worldwide.

Take a look if you have time and feed back any commments.
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Green Map Meeting #8

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Saturday, 24 March 2007- 12:20 am

Heres just a quick rundown since I plan to speak a little about some related topics on this very blog later. The last meeting saw us finally get our project host up and running with our story planner on it. Well done to all the efforts of those to get the initial data collection up we've put the very first version of it here.

We had a quick discussion about paper prototyping and I started introducing a few flashy web interface ideas.

One of the tasks I was assigned was to fix this very page. When you're building a web site the most important thing is surely that everyone can see it. So it was probably pretty bad on my part to neglect you internet explorer users out there. Most of these affected probably won't have realised but it remains that this very site displayed differently and now it’s (kind of) fixed. For all those budding web designers out there keep this list of hacks close to your heart. Browser hacks are a necessary evil.

Well done Alice for sourcing some good eco facts!
Alice just produced some killer facts

Hannah Clinch: Blog!
Hannah Clinch: Meet with the Six cities guy.
Hannah Clinch: Write out 2 lists of potential links from the home page.
Hannah Clinch: 15 thumbnails of web interfaces.
Joe Wright: Discuss Server setup/remote access with Andy.
Joe Wright: Play with Green Map PHP + DB
Joe Wright: Look over the writeboard blurb for the paper based map.
Eve McGregor: Look over the writeboard blurb for the paper based map.
Eve McGregor: Blog!
Eve McGregor: at least 15 thumbnails of web interfaces.
Kevin mcdonagh: Give Eve Password
Kevin mcdonagh: Style Dev site.
Kevin mcdonagh: Style X-planner.
Kevin mcdonagh: Add Scans.
Kevin mcdonagh: 15 web interface thumbnails.
Kevin mcdonagh: Blog!
Kevin mcdonagh: Think of more graphic identity ideas for green map.
Will Foster: Talk with Bob about interviews.
Will Foster: Put a start to interview questions in the project planner on the writeboard.
Get Scanner set up for Electron Club and Green map
Eve McGregor: Write out 2 lists of potential links from the home page.
Liz Eevwes: Write out 2 lists of potential links from the home page.
Franki Finch: Write out 2 lists of potential links from the home page.
Franki Finch: Thumbnails of web interfaces.
Liz Eevwes: Thumbnails of web interfaces.
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Al's first blog

Posted by alice Friday, 23 March 2007- 4:03 pm
Hello all,
I said that i would blog in the results from my Glasgow Eco search so here goes:

- Glasgow City Council is spending £4million on a clean up

- Over 20% of Glasgow is green space

- There are 74 parks, 600 outdoor children's play areas and 26 allotments

- Woodland covers 1,600 hectares (25% is ancient long established or semi-natural)

- The Glasgow farmers market is in Queen's Park 10 till 2pm on the 1st and 3rd sat of each month

- 400,000 tonnes of waste is generated in Glasgow every year

- 220,000 tonnes of household waste which 85% goes to landfill. Of which 60% could be recycled

- there are 220 registered Eco schools

All these figures are from the Glasgow Council website. I also found a report about the Eco footprints of all the 5 cities of Scotland (i can upload this if you want). there is lots of different facts and figures but the the main point is that Glasgow has the lowest Ecological footprint! but this data is from 2002 so I'm not sure how relevant it would be now.

I found it very difficult to get such specific facts about Glasgow, if you have any other websites that you would like me to look through then i would be happy to do so, i just don't know where to look!

Also, if Hannah could let me know more about the London map that you want to get that would be great.

I'm thinking green thoughts, promise!

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Message from Green map HQ

Posted by hclinch Thursday, 22 March 2007- 9:58 am
hi Mapmakers,

Today, the 21st, is the 15th anniversary of the very first Green Map event here in NYC! And Sunday the 25th is the 12th anniversary of global Green Map movement - how fitting that we'll start the beta test of the Greenhouse tomorrow (assuming all goes well) and, hopefully, get back great comments and have the it all ready for you to add your Mapmaker and Map profiles around April 15. We hope you all can add content within a month, so when it launches publicly on May 30, it will have lots of wonderful maps, images, stories and resources on view!

Thanks to everyone who has already helped or will take part in the beta-test of the Greenhouse's content management system -- do let us know if you want to be a beta-tester (with comments due by April 2) or a translator (longer time frame)...

We're all working really hard here, so I will keep this short. Thanks to all in the office here too!

Nice fresh article here about Missoula Montana US's Green Map
and a cool video on the Jerusalem Green Map

All the best, Wendy

PS I will pass along the below for North American Youth leadership awards,

Do you know any teens or young adults in North America who have led a
dynamic environmental campaign or project? Do you work with youth groups or
inspiring new leaders? Are you someone 13-22 years old who fits this
description? Read on!


2007 Brower Youth Award

Awards for youth ages 13-22 working for the Earth

Has your effort been in the realm of conservation, preservation, or
restoration? Could you use the publicity and funds from an award to further
your work and support your group?

If so, apply today for a Brower Youth Award! Each year, this annual national
award recognizes six young people for their outstanding activism and
achievements in the fields of environmental and social justice advocacy.
The winners of the award receive a $3,000 cash prize, a trip to California
for the award ceremony and wilderness camping trip, and ongoing access to
resources and opportunities to further their work at Earth Island Institute
and develop leadership skills.

Who can apply?
...Young leaders ages 13 to 22 as of July 1, 2007 living in North America

When are applications due?
...Completed application must be postmarked or emailed by May 15, 2007.

More questions?
...Call or email Sharon Smith at or 415-788-3666

"People have alleged that I have inspired many young people over the years,
but I say, it was just the opposite."
--David R. Brower--

GreenMap mailing list
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Saturday at the Electron Club

Posted by hclinch Monday, 19 March 2007- 9:42 am
hi, I'd just like to thank everyone who was involved in Saturdays Green Map session. Chris ,Franki and Sara your help has made a tremendous difference to the project. It was great to be working along side such talented and good looking individuals. I am just finishing off the data today for hand over. Will keep you posted.

Ta very much xh
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Putting data on the map

Posted by Christopher Saturday, 17 March 2007- 9:00 pm
This afternoon, Hannah, Franki, Sara, Tom and I met up at the Electron Club for some action-packed data verification fun in preparation for the paper-based map design.

Hannah has been working really hard to put together a list of green facilities across Glasgow and we've now got a database of about 130 organisations, with roughly 40 pieces of data for each.

Armed with a bunch of laptops, we set to the task of verifying all the information and plotting it on a map, ready to send to the graphic designers. As the Glasgow Green Map's resident software developer for the day, I came up with various wee tools to help clean up and transform the database for Hannah and Sara.

Meanwhile, Franki did some great Illustrator wizardry — incorporating feedback from Thursday's meeting into her amazing design ideas for the project's branding, while Sara showed off her Word and Excel prowess; trawling through the data and making sure everything was spot on. Hannah and I then used the prototype green maps, the Glasgow A-Z, Google and Hannah's aging laptop to locate each organisation and catalogue them on a map.

Many hours later, followed by a spectacularly depressing Illustrator crash, followed by another few hours of Hannah re-doing most of that work, the map was complete!

In an bid to get away from the Illustrator trauma, I wrote a program to extract addresses from our data set, making each of the organisations visible on Google Maps and Google Earth. It's not particularly accurate (some points are in the River Clyde, or hover around the equator!), but here are some links to the web-based map and the Google Earth version.

Have a nice weekend and happy mapping to all!
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I'm blogging to

Posted by hclinch Thursday, 15 March 2007- 7:43 pm
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Posted by Liz Eeuwes - 7:21 pm
I too have learned how to blog.

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Learning how to Blog.

Posted by Franki - 7:20 pm
I have learnt how to Blog.
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Some design ideas

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Tuesday, 13 March 2007- 10:45 pm
I've posted this on behalf of Franki Finch since she can't seem to update the blog yet:

Franki said:
I uploaded a couple of ideas for the graphics. They’re a lot different to the stuff the graphic designers did. I tried to integrate the idea of a map into a couple of them. I don’t mind if they’re not really useable, I had fun doing them anyway!

Check em out here!

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Glasgow Green Map Meeting #6

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Saturday, 10 March 2007- 2:11 pm

We once again explored the world of possibilities for the Glaasgow Green Map but for the first time we had a demo version of our map! Seb from the corkgreen map very generously donated an example base for us to start working upon. Our newest volunteer Joseph gave everyone a quick spin of the demo map to show everyone its wonders. We also had an appearance from Robb who came up with a lot of great ideas for the graphical branding of the green map.

We also had our first view of ideas for the Glasgow green map visual ID from the talented designers at Scratch design. There was a good response to some of the elements while mixed to others. Scratch had come up with some great ideas changing the environment of the logo with different related silhouette images depending on the particular area of the maps target audience. This was best achieved by placing the silhouettes against a heavy typographic face. The typography seemed a bit stark and the group would have preferred something with some serifs and less 'blocky'. It was unanimously agreed that a more naturalistic, closer to nature approach would be prefferable although we understood the approach scratch were moving towards.

Scratch had also came up with a nice idea of cascading arrows of reuse design which almost eluded to floating autumn leaves in the wind. These were all very early conceptions and we'll be looking forward to it evolving in future. The group all individually expressed some great ideas, like the actual geographic shapes of greater Glasgow, or the common iconic elements of a paper based map somehow playing a part in the logo. With so many ideas submitted by the group it was suggested that we all have a go at sketching some ideas based on our experience with the green map and let the graphic designer concentrate on the Layout of geographical data then later let them reproach it with the advantage of more of our input.


  • Blog! + facts
  • Speak with recycling officer
  • Add more graphics to planner
  • Bring in Glasgow facts book to Electron Club


  • Set up local dev greenmap
  • Look at a feasible data extraction tool
  • Blog!


  • Review blog
  • Ideas for Graphic identity


  • Blog!
  • Add intro to planner
  • Add scans to planner


  • Make Green map dev set up guide
  • Fiddle with map code


  • Set up project host


  • Think of more graphic identity ideas for green map

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Another coder in our midst

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Monday, 5 March 2007- 7:06 pm
Fascinated by the excellent volunteers and sheer potential of our project, we've wooed another volunteer over for doing some 'eventual' Green Map coding. Joe Wright will be joining us in our efforts. Joe's a professional java developer but had a little experience as a PHP developer in 2004. He's had got a few years experience of developing commercial projects so he'll hopefully occasionally provide us with some excellent incites. Hi Joe!
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Glasgow Green Map Meeting #5

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Friday, 2 March 2007- 12:06 am
Everyone say hi to Alice and Stuart! Tonight's Map saw us finally get some contact with what Hannah coins as a 'cartographic eye'. Mapping student Stuart Clay has mingled with us humble green mappers. We also were visited by another of the initial graphic designers for the concept of a Glasgow Green Map 2 years ago!

Stuart and Liz

Me hannah and Alice

In this past week we have seen a lot of people questioning what they think the green map will achieve and asking what they can contribute. We'll hopefully soon have some pretty pictures to display as we are soon starting on scanning in and gathering more media to better visually document our progress so that the rest of the community can see our progress. I was also chatting with Sam from the CCA about the possibility of running some workshops for kids to get involved for the Green Map, which is a great start for getting it moving in the community. I'll be able to test out some ideas and get some good feed back close to home, long before we start our outward marketing.

Green Mappers

Heres our list of stuff to do for the next green map meeting:

Everyone: Glasgow eco facts.
Electron Club Contributors: Sit with Graphic Designer to review stuff.
Alex Sutcliffe: Add Green Map MySql DB based on schema.
Liz Eevwes: Start a brief intro presentation using stuff on project planner.
Will Foster: Talk with Bob about interviews.
Will Foster: Put a start to interview questions in the project planner on the writeboard.
Everyone: Get Scanner set up for Electron Club and Green map
Hannah Clinch: Talk to Gary Beacham, get him to spill the eco beans.
Hannah Clinch: Blog!
Hannah Clinch: Finalise DB data, talk with the verification peeps.
Hannah Clinch: Schedule data verification day.
Eve McGregor: Have Coffee with Hannah.
Eve McGregor: Blog!
Stuart Clay: Contact Green Party about Green Map
Stuart Clay: Put up fliers around class
Stuart Clay: Login to planner
Alice Tyler: Login to planner
Alice Tyler: Find Glasgow Eco facts
Kevin mcdonagh: Blog
Kevin mcdonagh: Put up 'Next Event" on Green Map Blog
Kevin, Alex & Developers: Estimate Production green map site setup times
Kevin mcdonagh: Setup others with blog

Woo Woo! Go Go green Mappers!
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