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Al's first blog

Posted by alice Friday, 23 March 2007- 4:03 pm
Hello all,
I said that i would blog in the results from my Glasgow Eco search so here goes:

- Glasgow City Council is spending £4million on a clean up

- Over 20% of Glasgow is green space

- There are 74 parks, 600 outdoor children's play areas and 26 allotments

- Woodland covers 1,600 hectares (25% is ancient long established or semi-natural)

- The Glasgow farmers market is in Queen's Park 10 till 2pm on the 1st and 3rd sat of each month

- 400,000 tonnes of waste is generated in Glasgow every year

- 220,000 tonnes of household waste which 85% goes to landfill. Of which 60% could be recycled

- there are 220 registered Eco schools

All these figures are from the Glasgow Council website. I also found a report about the Eco footprints of all the 5 cities of Scotland (i can upload this if you want). there is lots of different facts and figures but the the main point is that Glasgow has the lowest Ecological footprint! but this data is from 2002 so I'm not sure how relevant it would be now.

I found it very difficult to get such specific facts about Glasgow, if you have any other websites that you would like me to look through then i would be happy to do so, i just don't know where to look!

Also, if Hannah could let me know more about the London map that you want to get that would be great.

I'm thinking green thoughts, promise!

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