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Putting data on the map

Posted by Christopher Saturday, 17 March 2007- 9:00 pm
This afternoon, Hannah, Franki, Sara, Tom and I met up at the Electron Club for some action-packed data verification fun in preparation for the paper-based map design.

Hannah has been working really hard to put together a list of green facilities across Glasgow and we've now got a database of about 130 organisations, with roughly 40 pieces of data for each.

Armed with a bunch of laptops, we set to the task of verifying all the information and plotting it on a map, ready to send to the graphic designers. As the Glasgow Green Map's resident software developer for the day, I came up with various wee tools to help clean up and transform the database for Hannah and Sara.

Meanwhile, Franki did some great Illustrator wizardry — incorporating feedback from Thursday's meeting into her amazing design ideas for the project's branding, while Sara showed off her Word and Excel prowess; trawling through the data and making sure everything was spot on. Hannah and I then used the prototype green maps, the Glasgow A-Z, Google and Hannah's aging laptop to locate each organisation and catalogue them on a map.

Many hours later, followed by a spectacularly depressing Illustrator crash, followed by another few hours of Hannah re-doing most of that work, the map was complete!

In an bid to get away from the Illustrator trauma, I wrote a program to extract addresses from our data set, making each of the organisations visible on Google Maps and Google Earth. It's not particularly accurate (some points are in the River Clyde, or hover around the equator!), but here are some links to the web-based map and the Google Earth version.

Have a nice weekend and happy mapping to all!
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Kevin McDonagh said...
Bravo guys! That was a sterling effort. What came of the illustrator troubles? Any more ideas we can see? By the way Cancer research UK seems to have floated out on to the atlantic.
18 March 2007 at 23:32
hclinch said...
....have you never heard of the Cancer Sea Research shop?

Illustrator troubles are far behinde us now, thanks to Chris's patiance a wee pint. the job is a gooden as they say.
19 March 2007 at 10:10
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