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Posted by hclinch Wednesday, 15 August 2007- 8:43 pm
Hi Cip,

Susan (professor of planning at the University of Alaska) has just
uploaded a pdf and text file showing the form & fields for her
database for Fairbanks Greenmap
( - it's in the Mapmaking
section of the Tool Center (text file, tab-delimited) (pdf)

Hope this is useful...

Thanks for putting these up Susan!


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On 13/08/07, Jerrad Pierce wrote:
> This is all from memory, so it's a little spotty. I'll open my database later.
> I kept things minimal, with a separate layer per type of (related) feature(s):
> ID
> Symbol(The actual character for the thingy in the green map font)
> Name
> Weight
> Verified
> Notes (Street Address, Phone Number, URL; these could be individual fields)
> Symbol allows you to conflate several related things (e.g; farmer's markets
> and vegetarian restaurants) into a single layer for ease of managment. Also,
> if you're not uber picky about symbol placement, or are working with a large
> format output, leveraging the labeling features of your GIS package (esp.
> ArcGIS + Maplex) can greatly reduce the amount of effort required to manually
> cope with clutter.
> Weight is *very* helpful, and sense "B" is unfortunately absent in most
> greenmaps. I used this in three ways A) I am able to gather data on all
> varieties of things with respect to the topic, regardless of importance, and
> later filter them out from presentation as I see fit B) vary the size of the
> symbol in proportion to its importance, thereby allowing for denser display
> of information with less clutter (on the Cambridge Green Map the Zipcars,
> community gardens, and subway symbols are all scaled) C) the city provided
> data, in a rather natural manner, conflates no bicycle riding on sidewalk
> zones with the bicyle lane geometry. I applied a negative weight to these
> features to more clearly set them off in my own databse, while allowing for
> easy integration of future data revisions by the city.
> Verified is used in a similar way to the first sense of weight, anything I'm
> informed of, or suspect might be relevant gets added. But final layout only
> displays those things which I have been able to verify are present and correct.
> Something I probably should have included was a field indicating the source
> of the data. Yes, you can use FGDC metadata for this, but it's a PITA and
> suboptimal in this case. For many themes I merged a handful of features from
> several random datasets. More than once I had to go back and figure out where
> this park or that pond came from.
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