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Green Map Icon order

Posted by hclinch Wednesday, 15 August 2007- 8:46 pm
hi everyone!

We've been having great sessions on the icon updating over here, and had a breakthrough in how we think about organizing the set. We are now building a different kind of online tool to review them. We are aiming to open this to the public and Mapmaker comment in early September.

You'll be able to take part and see the final version of Green Map Icons, Version 3 take shape this fall, with the goal of completing all (yes!) by Dec 1 (font-making, posters, etc will follow). More news on this soon.

Kit Robinson of the Lake Washington - Cascadian Watershed Green Mao (in Washington State, US) has made a really cool interactive map of the Green Maps - it's 'fed' by the Map Profiles in the Greenhouse. We'll be linking it in soon, and hope your projects will show up on it! (so hint, hint! if you have yet to re-register, click Participate! and if your Map Profile's not up yet, please add it.....

Congrats to Hannah Clinch & everyone at Radius Glasgow, the new Dear Green Place guide to Reuse is wonderful! It's got many innovative features to its design. See it at our site or

We also received a big box full of new Green Map created in Taiwan - each one is a work of Art! Thanks to all involved at SOW.

and here is our latest press:

Feel free to add your news to the Blog! You can also add a comment to someone else's Blog anytime, too!

Note there are subtle changes underway on the website, too: Now you can see how many are using it on the home page (on the right) . Your suggestions are always welcome. all the best, Wendy

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Anonymous said...
Very impressed by Issue 1 Dear Green Place Green Map which I picked up at an event - it should be rolled out to every home in the City! JB
31 August 2007 at 09:13
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