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Writers for a greener place and Camera Juan

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Monday, 17 September 2007- 8:18 am


As I mentioned last week, we're looking for writers.
We need people within Glasgow to excite others about the possibilities of reuse in their community.
We want some stand out individuals who can voice strong opinions on the current opportunities (or lack of) in Glasgow.
We're not interested in just shouting about it like lunatic eco warriors, thats not what we're about. Dear green place wants the attention of some conscientious people who would like to contribute to making a difference.

If you would like to write for please get in contact with us via
We'd like to soon have a short series of articles on the subject of "Recycling & reuse in Glasgow" how you interpret that would be up to yourself.
Outside of this blog, adverts have been locally circulated with the community recycling forum and will soon be passed around via Glasgow's "Lighthouse" art venue.

New Navigation

Now that we have dwindled down the categories to the bare essentials we're looking to beef them up (sorry veggies). But how are we going to accommodate all this info?
Our map navigation can be seen at

The idea here is that you are switching your search context via the navigation as opposed to a form.
The benefits of this are that the user is presented with less superfulous information and has less form boxes to change on a new search.
One worry is that this will not be clear enough and confuse people as to what is being displayed.
There is a lot of information to be both displayed or hidden and we want to get the balance just right.
I've looked to take our inspiration from other sites like Digg who process a lot of information hourly. Looking at the differences between the two(
we can see that there is a visual indicator of what the bottom categories are on the front page.

After selecting any one of the categories it seems enough to just highlight the chosen category. I believe this is because once a user has chose a category it is taken for granted that this user now understands the relevance of the newly presented sub categories.
After the this there is colouring and a little separator which communicates the heading and links. This orginsiation of information is something that we can learn from and I'll work to see how the nav can change in order to make finding eco resources in Glasgow super duper easy!

New categories

So now we're thinking to move into food and events and Food What are we going to keep info about on these categories though?
Food: organic, farmers markets, local produce
An event: Name,location,time&date,tags,desc,pictures,ticket price,related events,contact,recurring

Where are you Juan?

Where are you Juan? We've started with the videos and we need our camera Juan.
Roy said...
Hi there -

a couple of comments - am having real trouble with editing places on the map. Once I make a change the 'create' button does not work. Also the arrow graphics aren't showing up. It all works fine when I 'add a place' but not when editing.

Might be good to have a feedback form or email address on the map itself.

Would be happy to write an article for the website, the question is what on? Do you have certain topics to cover or is it an open brief?
22 October 2007 at 02:29
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