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Call for help in debugging the CSS

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Friday, 16 February 2007- 4:52 pm
Hello there people, I've been making a lovely CSS website for the Glasgow Green Map. A lot of the people reading this will have had a stab at making a website before and so will know what I am talking about. The problem I am having is that I need the site to work on as many platforms and in as many browsers as possible. At the momment if you are using a standards compliant browser in Mac OSX or Windows, we're laughing. But if you are using Linux or using internet explorer 6 or 7 on a windows machine things go a little skew wiff. If anyone can help me suss out the issues and the browser hacks I can use to fix them then that would be a great help.

Heres where the html page is resting just now.

And heres a picture of what it should look like.
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