Green Map Meeting
Every Thursday, 18:30
Electron Club, CCA, Glasgow

Green Map Meeting #4

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Sunday, 25 February 2007- 5:09 am
I'd like to say Hi to the new contributers Will, Liz and Alex. All of whom were at the last meeting. There were a lot of great marketing ideas being thrown around the meeting my fave of which was the scanning in of personal note books for display in the site. Will said: "Better to just over document everything" which I think will serve us really well. Hopefully all the knowledge we gater we can share with the Glasgow community to do with as they please. Notebooks, videos, photos all that good stuff.

Sorry it took so long to skin the blog but I was dumb founded by these new blogger widget things. Everything is not perfect some links are duff and the sections that are scored out will be up soon, but getting something up soon as possible is better than something perfect that no one will see.
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