Green Map Meeting
Every Thursday, 18:30
Electron Club, CCA, Glasgow

Green Map Meeting #2

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Thursday, 8 February 2007- 10:50 pm
Woo! More volunteers! It's nice to see more people coming along as they hear about our interesting project. That must mean we are doing something that interests peoples curiosity!

I tried out my first workshop "Google Maps explained" which is meant as a very easy introduction for beginners and those not used to computers.I gave the thrown together class to some not beginners and it went down pretty well. It illustrated once again that when people are giving up their time for some sort of tutorial or workshop you should be well prepared because otherwise why would they give up their time? In saying that I think everyone enjoyed themselves and I learnt a little bit about how to handle the presentation a bit better next time. Having tasks for people to do as quickly as possible is important rather than having people listen to someone talking, I guess thats why its a "workshop".

We all agreed on some tasks on the trusty white board but alas there were no programmers if there are any programmers out there interested in the project get in touch!

Go go green map team!

And since I never posted last week... I've included a pic of our last meeting (Green Map meeting #1).

Green map meeting #1 tasks

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