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Setting up some account details

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Monday, 12 February 2007- 8:40 am
Hello there peeps. I've been trying to set up the web server/s for the green map and its looking promising for the next meeting. One for dev, one for uat (User Acceptance Testing) and one for prod (Production). Sorry I've been loose on the tasks but until there is an actual site up there isn't really that much to do apart from get it there. A few things though. Someone could set up a Gmail account for the green map something simple like ( and then also set up the calendar to reflect the milestones on the green map project planner. Whoever does this better say so via the messages or blog and tick it off the to-dos so that everyone doesn't do it after you.

I'm also in the final stages of getting the Unix/mySql accounts setup (through Andrew's goodwill) and will be needing peeps to work together to set up the first environment, Dev. Everyone who is a contributer will have access to Dev so I can provide you with all of the account details. I suggest that a few peeps get together online via msn/jabber/skype etc., to chat while doing it and share the knowledge while setting it up. I think the most important part of actually working within a team is this knowledge transfer because no matter how menial the task everyone stands to learn something when working together.

I'll be available night or day via phone/email/msn if anyone needs any help. I'm always available in some form or fashion.
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