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Glasgow Green Map Meeting #5

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Friday, 2 March 2007- 12:06 am
Everyone say hi to Alice and Stuart! Tonight's Map saw us finally get some contact with what Hannah coins as a 'cartographic eye'. Mapping student Stuart Clay has mingled with us humble green mappers. We also were visited by another of the initial graphic designers for the concept of a Glasgow Green Map 2 years ago!

Stuart and Liz

Me hannah and Alice

In this past week we have seen a lot of people questioning what they think the green map will achieve and asking what they can contribute. We'll hopefully soon have some pretty pictures to display as we are soon starting on scanning in and gathering more media to better visually document our progress so that the rest of the community can see our progress. I was also chatting with Sam from the CCA about the possibility of running some workshops for kids to get involved for the Green Map, which is a great start for getting it moving in the community. I'll be able to test out some ideas and get some good feed back close to home, long before we start our outward marketing.

Green Mappers

Heres our list of stuff to do for the next green map meeting:

Everyone: Glasgow eco facts.
Electron Club Contributors: Sit with Graphic Designer to review stuff.
Alex Sutcliffe: Add Green Map MySql DB based on schema.
Liz Eevwes: Start a brief intro presentation using stuff on project planner.
Will Foster: Talk with Bob about interviews.
Will Foster: Put a start to interview questions in the project planner on the writeboard.
Everyone: Get Scanner set up for Electron Club and Green map
Hannah Clinch: Talk to Gary Beacham, get him to spill the eco beans.
Hannah Clinch: Blog!
Hannah Clinch: Finalise DB data, talk with the verification peeps.
Hannah Clinch: Schedule data verification day.
Eve McGregor: Have Coffee with Hannah.
Eve McGregor: Blog!
Stuart Clay: Contact Green Party about Green Map
Stuart Clay: Put up fliers around class
Stuart Clay: Login to planner
Alice Tyler: Login to planner
Alice Tyler: Find Glasgow Eco facts
Kevin mcdonagh: Blog
Kevin mcdonagh: Put up 'Next Event" on Green Map Blog
Kevin, Alex & Developers: Estimate Production green map site setup times
Kevin mcdonagh: Setup others with blog

Woo Woo! Go Go green Mappers!
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