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Glasgow Green Map meeting #09

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Friday, 30 March 2007- 1:03 am

Wow, thats nine meetings now. This week we spoke about the final slap dash to get the paper based map ready to go. Now that we have all the data fitting it on to the map is actually proving to be difficult! Franki also unveiled some of her working ideas for the identity of the map which sadly weren't all working at the meeting but fear not! I've plonked them about here for everyone to glaze over.

Like the last meeting, ideas of how the site would look was a focus. Timeless, contemporary or current fashion? Either way we'll of course be sure to design it elegantly. I tend to lean towards current fashion. There are definitely some very different mixed ideas about how the map will look and it will be great to have everyones ideas developing slowly out loud in opinions and on paper. Franki has been slowly working with Scratch design to emphasise the idea of finding both small hidden treasures and valuable items in charity shops. I think its starting to come across really well and shows a clearer purpose for the green map.

Honestly these are great Franki, its a shame we couldn't have chatted more about these images.

People keep coming up with very idilic communityesque ideas where in an environment with changing weather people are doing things in the background like riding bikes and carrying tables. Sounds nice to me. I'll post up some of my mocks soon as well and maybe we can put up others thumbnails if we get them scanned in.

Everyone has 2 tasks this week:
Little thumbnails of what a Glasgow Green Map web site could look like.
Lists of links that could be in the navigation of the glasgow green map site.
Good luck everyone!
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