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Latest illustrations from Franki

Posted by hclinch Wednesday, 4 April 2007- 10:20 am

Hi Folks, Franki and I met yesterday to devevelop the illustrations for the Green Map on a little further.


I did very little apart from watch Franki and drink tea, whilst Franki slaved away at the computer, cutting out people, washing machines and bits of kettle.

The main illustration is designed to capture the types of goods you can buy and donate to community reuse enterprises and charity shops. The feel of the original illustrations have been retained, but the colours brightened up and the items/objects featured modernised to reflect the nature of the goods needed.

There are also a number of illustrations being developed to run alongside the text e.g the Community Can Cycle man on bike and the Give you buy and you give again bag. There will be more of these images woven into the map and we did discuss the possibility of placing key places on the map for navigation purposes that could also be illustrated.
Anonymous said...

Hannah has been showing me the designs for the green map. Now, I'm no artist...but the tower blocks have to go! Hannah has tried to describe the thought behind it and the reasons for it. After many a 'debate' she told me to write my comments here.

I don't see tower blocks being 'Glasgow icons', rather people in Glasgow would like to get as far away from that icon as possible. Many are being pulled down and people want to associate Glasgow with more positive images. what's wrong with a nice image of the Clyde and the KelvinGrove in spring??

Also, (in my humble opinion), it tends to suggest that only people that can't afford new items should shop second hand/be involved in reuse.

I may be reading too much into this, but I would like something less grey. I'd even settle for the tower blocks being covered in ivy and flowers - i.e. "Grey Glasgow turning green by way of recycling"?
4 April 2007 at 15:33
Kevin McDonagh said...
Good comment! I think the tower blocks, like them or not, are iconic. The buildings are supposed to be recognisable as to associate the location of the project, regardless of the reaction to them. Kelvingrove in spring would be nice but i don't know how instantly recognisable it would stand to be.

Don't like the the lucid colours of the new tower blocks though, acid greens and pinks seems far removed from the audience who both donate to and buy from second hand shops. Although you can be sure to always find at least one bright green / yellow shell suit. Shell suits haven't been selling so well recently though. I much preferred the old colours and a tighter, less jumbled layout. I think the type would do well to attain to a slightly more standard grid system as well.
6 April 2007 at 08:37
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