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Electron Club, CCA, Glasgow

Glasgow Green Map Meeting #6

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Saturday, 10 March 2007- 2:11 pm

We once again explored the world of possibilities for the Glaasgow Green Map but for the first time we had a demo version of our map! Seb from the corkgreen map very generously donated an example base for us to start working upon. Our newest volunteer Joseph gave everyone a quick spin of the demo map to show everyone its wonders. We also had an appearance from Robb who came up with a lot of great ideas for the graphical branding of the green map.

We also had our first view of ideas for the Glasgow green map visual ID from the talented designers at Scratch design. There was a good response to some of the elements while mixed to others. Scratch had come up with some great ideas changing the environment of the logo with different related silhouette images depending on the particular area of the maps target audience. This was best achieved by placing the silhouettes against a heavy typographic face. The typography seemed a bit stark and the group would have preferred something with some serifs and less 'blocky'. It was unanimously agreed that a more naturalistic, closer to nature approach would be prefferable although we understood the approach scratch were moving towards.

Scratch had also came up with a nice idea of cascading arrows of reuse design which almost eluded to floating autumn leaves in the wind. These were all very early conceptions and we'll be looking forward to it evolving in future. The group all individually expressed some great ideas, like the actual geographic shapes of greater Glasgow, or the common iconic elements of a paper based map somehow playing a part in the logo. With so many ideas submitted by the group it was suggested that we all have a go at sketching some ideas based on our experience with the green map and let the graphic designer concentrate on the Layout of geographical data then later let them reproach it with the advantage of more of our input.


  • Blog! + facts
  • Speak with recycling officer
  • Add more graphics to planner
  • Bring in Glasgow facts book to Electron Club


  • Set up local dev greenmap
  • Look at a feasible data extraction tool
  • Blog!


  • Review blog
  • Ideas for Graphic identity


  • Blog!
  • Add intro to planner
  • Add scans to planner


  • Make Green map dev set up guide
  • Fiddle with map code


  • Set up project host


  • Think of more graphic identity ideas for green map

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