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Some design ideas

Posted by Kevin McDonagh Tuesday, 13 March 2007- 10:45 pm
I've posted this on behalf of Franki Finch since she can't seem to update the blog yet:

Franki said:
I uploaded a couple of ideas for the graphics. They’re a lot different to the stuff the graphic designers did. I tried to integrate the idea of a map into a couple of them. I don’t mind if they’re not really useable, I had fun doing them anyway!

Check em out here!

Kevin McDonagh said...
Hello ! I've taken a comment from the planner and more or less pasted it here for everyone to see some opinions on Frani's interpretation of the green map identity. I'll post up a link to the actual images later.

!!! I am soooo impressed with Franki's interpritation of the green map identity! !! I personally think all of her ideas are great! She took every single one of the ideas that was thrown around at the meeting an worked on them! Truly good interpretation and I’d like to do it justice by commenting even just a little to help the design process.

The first one looks like brown recycled paper, has a great texture. This initial one may be better framed by reviewing who it sits in the little square. I think maybe fooling with some different borders and moving around/squashing some letters may lead to a more natural, less “stuck onto thin air” effect.

The second one still hangs on to scratches initial idea that you could change backdrops and silhouettes to reflect the marketing target. But mixes it with these lovely textures with just the slight accentuation of the slants, eluding to the thin lines of the paper based map. The tenement flats are also very symbolic of Glasgow’s horribly drab but acceptably humdrum, 60’s architecture trend. All of which is VERY local, VERY individual to the Glasgow community. These tall grey flats have been accepted as they are but in selling Glasgow as a place of change and now turning into a modern thriving recycling we may not want to dwell on the currently accepted boringness of the grey flats, maybe somehow in still keeping with their iconic appeal they’re image could be jazzed up to appear a little less drab, the image could appear more hopeful of the future rather than purely stemmed in the past. This could probably be done by even something like changing the colour of the windows. Also I think the last of the tenements is too detailed for easy and quick recognition so I think removing simplifying it to look like the other two would be good.

The next pic plays upon the idea of accentuating the accepted and expected elements of paper based map iconography with the common “YOU ARE HERE” dot. I like how you’re playing about with typography here, ironically enough my favorite is the boldest middle version but admittedly I think this idea could be fleshed out more.
Below that the lovely of textures is really lovely and definitely stands out on that page as just appealing.

After that its plain just great. Definitely on a brighter path, wants me want to have a go too, you’re sooo on the right track. Well done!
13 March 2007 at 22:48
Liz Eeuwes said...
it works!
15 March 2007 at 19:19
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