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Posted by hclinch Wednesday, 1 August 2007- 9:27 pm
hi Mapmakers!

It's now 2 months since we switched over to the new website. Over 40,000 viewers have seen it so far! 87% are new to the site and they are staying longer and viewing more pages than ever before!

In July, we made the registration process easier. It's now updated in 5 different languages, as mentioned in yesterday's Multi-lingual Message.

We also have a new page!

This page has all the Mapmaking projects on it (past and present) - it's the first place many website users will visit, including potential Mapmakers looking for available cities and towns. Now, there are too many projects that are not linked to profiles or any information about the project.

If you are an existing Mapmaker, but have yet to register, we urge you to do so in August! In September, we'll be linking Green Map projects that have not registered or responded by email to the ‘Available City’ icon. Help us avoid confusion - please respond directly by email or register asap!

We'll also be doing major press and funder outreach in September*, so everyone, please add more images and details.

By then, we’ll add a “Featured Map’ box to the homepage. If your Map Profile has a Map image and either a downloadable or linked map, it will be eligible for this random selection. So be sure you have included both an image and a complete map the public can view.

We also have ANOTHER new page!

As soon as you write about yours in your Map Profile, it will show up on this page, in random order. These impacts are being reviewed for a new book being written in Japan this season!

We've been listening to your comments and those of visitors, and are making other changes to encourage more social networking and exchange in the Blog & Resources section. We welcome your comments about this or the website at any time.

GODD NEWS! We have also added the updated Green Mapmakers Guide to the Tool Center! Many thanks to Tom Hammer, Soon Chung Lim, and Carlos Martinez for the many hours devoted to this project. Login and download from Mapmaking Resources.

Now, a request - we are changing the way the testimonials (in Blog) works, and will be adding comments like this:

What a wonderful new site, and what a privilege to be part of this network! Naomi Tsur, Director, SPNI-Jerusalem, 2007 July 31

(Thanks Naomi!) When we upload it, we'll link it to their profile. We'd love to have more comments (even longer ones) by you for this page, please send by email.....(and if you sent one before, opps! We lost it, so please send again!).

* yesterday, we found out Green Map will be in a book called "Cool Hunting" coming out soon in Australia, and a new US book on sustainable design will include the website and more. A reporter from Chicago called too, he is covering the ongoing Institute of Arts based project (yea! Nadine Bopp), and we're hearing from so many new bloggers, etc., it really is a good time to register, login & do more....(we will too, as we have news to add on our NYC projects as well).

It’s hot & sticky in NYC, but we are here, ready to help you show the world what you are accomplishing for your communities everywhere!

Thanks so much, Wendy
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