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Posted by hclinch Wednesday, 1 August 2007- 9:29 pm
Now that the new is closer to complete, it's time for the
next web project.

We're considering developing an online webmap tool that makes it
really easy for any Green Mapmaker to build an online Green Map. A lot
of people have been asking for something like this, so I want to make
sure that it's as useful as possible. The idea is that it should be
possible for anyone to do - you won't need to know how to set up a
database, or understand HTML.

If you would like to be involved in the discussion about this webmap
tool please email me and I'll put you on the list. The discussion will
be by email at first with everything posted on the Mapmaker's Exchange
section of the website.

I've put the outline of what I plan to do in the Mapmaker's Exchange
section at:

If you have time, please could you answer these questions now to help
guide the development of the webmap tool:

1) Do you think this is a worthwhile project?
2) Have you made an online map already?
3) If you have made an online map, how did you do it?
4) If you have not made an online map, have you used one that you
like? Please give some examples & links.
5) Would you want to let the public comment on or rate sites on your map?
6) Would you want to let the public add photos to sites on your map?
7) Would you want to let the public suggest new sites?
8) Would you want to include lines (for bike paths, walking paths,
etc.) and areas (for parks, deforestation, erosion, pollution, etc) as
well as points (for sites)?
9) How important do you think it is to include your own custom local icons?
10) How good is Google Maps coverage of your area? Is there a better

Even if you don't want to be involved in the discussion, please email
me any comments or suggestions on how you would like this to work.
This project will only go ahead if enough people reply saying that
they think it is worth doing!

The timing of this project is not certain yet as I will be away for
most of September.

Hope you're having a great summer!

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